Video Animation

My short animation project on mid-year 2013. I worked with my best friend Raudhatul Fuad from pre-production until post-production. This project studied about toon shading in Mentalray Maya 2012. Unfortunately this project was suspended due to many tasks and exams in the college, so the progress that I could share is just a screenshot and teaser.
Please have a look and enjoy!

Teaser Animation :

3D Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Lighting, and Rendering
Experiment Research for the College
December 2013
Toon Shading, NPR, Video Animation
Demo Animation Video

The Third Kind Poster

Concept Art of Erion Race

Concept Art of Cyrod Race

Erion Warrior Poster

Erion Warrior

Erion Warrior Wireframe

Lord Cyrod, Galmateus

Cyrod Army